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Lighting + Furniture…Lee Broom’s Glamorous Style

If you look at British designer Lee Broom’s work, his style has glamour as a consistent feature.  His bio points to a beginning in the theater, and that drama is boldly expressed in his lighting and staging. The first thing to catch my eye was his Tube Light, milled from a single piece of Carrera Marble containing an LED strip bracketed with brushed brass caps at with end.  The result is a glowing is a warm glowing stone.  The marble veining ensures that no two lights will look alike. He is clearly tuning in to the art deco postmodernism revival, and making it his own. His mastery and experimentation with material and form are very exciting, and his portfolio is vast.  Since opening his studio in 2007 he has designed over 100 pieces of furniture, lighting, and accessories, as well as products for interiors for leading global brands.