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Contempri Creamer + Lidded Sugar Bowl


A sugar bowl and creamer set by Royal Jackson in the Contempri pattern designed my Paul McCobb featuring an art deco style design marked “Contempri designed by Paul McCobb Jackson International” to the base.

In stock


Integrity of Form, Simplicity of Line, True Organic Function

McCobb first came to prominence in 1948 as a design and decorating consultant for Martin Feinman’s Modernage Furniture in New York City. While employed at Modernage, McCobb met B. G. Mesberg, his later business partner in the Planner and Directional furniture lines.

Best known for his furniture designs he also designed radios and televisions for CBS-Columbia, Hi-Fi Consoles for Bell & Howell, along with other household items.

His Planner Group, manufactured by Winchendon Furniture Company, was among the best selling contemporary furniture lines of the 1950s and was in continuous production from 1949 until 1964.

Other well-known furniture lines designed by McCobb include Predictor by O’Hearn Furniture, The Irwin Group by Calvin Furniture, The Connoisseur Collection by H. Sacks and Sons, The Calvin Group by Calvin Furniture, and Directional by Calvin Furniture.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in

Paul McCobb


Royal Jackson

Design Period


Country of Manufacture

United States


Mid Century Modern


Excellent used condition